Society to celebrate special anniversary with 17th century banquet


Hampden House
Great Hampden
near Great Missenden
HP16 9RD
07543 054335
7th October 2017

The John Hampden Society is to celebrate its 25th anniversary with a genuine 17th century banquet to be held in Hampden House, near Great Missenden, on 7th October.

The Society, set up to promote the life and achievements of Oliver Cromwell's cousin, was inaugurated at John Hampden's ancestral home on 27th October 1992 by his descendant Miles Hobart-Hampden, Earl of Buckinghamshire, and three other enthusiasts (see attached picture). Members of the Society can be found in many English-speaking countries, including the USA and New Zealand.

The banquet, produced by specialist caterers, will be in the traditional 17th century style with around 2 dozen dishes served in batches or 'removes'. It is hoped that diners will be able to wash this down with John Hampden's Ale, brewed and donated by the Chiltern Brewery.

Further details and a booking form can be found on the Society's Facebook page at or by contacting the Honorary Secretary on 07543 054335.

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