Kids Comedy at The Story Museum


The Story Museum
Pembroke Street
11th November 2017

Date and time: 
Saturday 11 November, 14:00-15:00

Venue: The Story Museum, Pembroke Street, Oxford, OX1 1BP

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If you’re looking for a comedy event that the whole family can enjoy together, then look no further than The Story Museum’s Kids Comedy event this November. Tiernan Douieb, founder of the hugely popular, nationwide Comedy 4 Kids scheme, presents an hour of cracking standup comedy for everyone over the age of 6 -  mostly about bogies and superheroes and annoying siblings… Prepare yourself for all the best of comedy but without the rude bits!

Tiernan Douieb
Tiernan’s done the comedy thing for ages and ages now. Since his early days treading the boards, his comedy has taken on a more satirical edge opting to complain about worldly political happenings in the friendliest and funniest manner possible. This is balanced by his stand-up for children and families which is mostly about bogies and superheroes. Tiernan regularly performs all over the world even though he really likes being at home. He is constantly on Twitter, co-runs the successful Comedy Club 4 Kids and has performed and written several solo shows which have all done alright really.

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