Ever After: Steer The Story Craft


The Story Museum
42 Pembroke Street
01865 790050
19th November 2017
10am - 5pm
Every Day

The Story Museum faces a challenge. It must gather the greatest stories of all time and the greatest ways of telling them. Only then can it become a wonder. Only then can it enrich young lives for generations to come.

So it has dispatched Ever After, its fantastical Story Craft, on a mission to collect the 1001 greatest stories and the treasures they contain. Tales from other times and places. Told in person, on paper, on screen. But where should it go and what should it bring back? And can the craft escape the dark forces that threaten its very existence?

The Story Museum’s Story Craft will be manned by an all-star crew of authors, illustrators and storytellers including Katherine Rundell, Katy Ridell, and Joseph Coelho. As it makes its way through various story worlds, visitors to The Story Museum in Oxford will be able to track the craft from ‘Mission Control’, a new and exciting interactive installation (designed by Tom Piper, MBE) where children and families can write, draw, film and record their suggestions for the stories that should become part of the museum’s collection.

And fans of the museum unable to visit needn’t worry – progress of the craft’s voyage will also be shared online. A series of blogs posted by the various crew members throughout the journey will update online readers of the successes and challenges faced, all accompanied by beautiful illustrations from up-and-coming illustrator Katy Riddell. Online readers will be encouraged to celebrate in the crew’s successes, help overcome the perils faced during the voyage, and offer suggestions as to where the ship should journey to next!

Whether manning Mission Control in Oxford, or plotting the course and monitoring the crew’s progress online, The Story Museum needs your help to make The Story Craft’s mission a success. The adventure begins!

The exhibition opens 10 February and runs throughout 2017.

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