Jingle’s Magic Sleigh


The Story Museum
Rochester House
42 Pembroke Street
4th January 2018
Every Day

1 December 2017 – 7 January 2018

Event link: http://www.storymuseum.org.uk/jinglesmagicsleigh

Belle Rochester – Jingle to her friends – has a very special job to do. She’s keeper of tales at The Story Museum, collector of wishes and now has a new task.

When Jingle first meets Santa Claus, it’s Christmas Eve and he’s refusing to get out of bed. Feeling unloved and unappreciated, he has just one wish.

Come and hear what stories and songs Jingle gives Santa to cheer him and get him back to his Christmas post. Join her for an unforgettable trip through festive stories – from The Wishing Well to the tale of The King of the Goblins who spent Christmas with a poor shoemaker and his family – and see what special gift Santa gives her for her help.

With original music and lots of joining in, Jingle’s Magic Sleigh is written and produced by the same great team as Three Bears in 2016. (“Engaging, Funny, Brilliant!”) It stars the wonderful singer/storyteller Amantha Edmead making sure this is another Story Museum Christmas show for all the family to enjoy and remember.

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