Tony Francis Art Exhibition


Gateway Cottage
Hawridge Common
29th April 2019
by appointment
Every Day

Following last year’s success, former television presenter, Tony Francis opens his art studio to the public again in April and May.

He’ll be displaying his latest collection of acrylics, inspired by the glorious early spring - and by his recent travels to Sri Lanka.

“My early morning runs through Wendover woods were breathtaking in both the snow and the unseasonably warm sun. I always take my phone cam to capture the remarkable light and the remarkable colours of the trees. In many ways, they’re more beautiful in winter than summer.

As David Hockney pointed out, there are colours in the darkest corners if you look hard enough,”

The benign weather enabled Tony to paint outdoors, something unthinkable in February. He uses a combination of acrylic inks with paint, occasionally supplemented by soft crayon.

It was after 25 years of making countryside and wildlife programmes for ITV that he felt the compulsion to paint. He was almost immediately rewarded with inclusion in the Royak Academy’s Summer Exhibition five years ago. That gave him the impetus to forge ahead.

“I work quite fast, says the artist. “If you’re painting outdoors with acrylics, you have to. I enjoy the discipline of having to make quick decisions. It probably comes from filming under pressure when the weather and the light give you little option.”

You can find his latest collection of landscapes, still lives and character portraits at his home, Gateway Cottage, Hawridge Common HP5 2UQ.

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