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EU why I am voting LEAVE

Simon Icke, Aston Clinton  |  Submitted: Jun 6th 2016
To be honest I'm getting old now; 60 years old in fact, and as far as you young guys I'm yesterday's guy and its true I no longer have the sharp mind to produce statistics to back up my heartfelt feelings on voting Leave for the EU.

I was once very successful for one of the UK's biggest insurance companies; my ideas were estimated to bring in an income of around £500 million & a £ billion over 15 years income. I trusted my instincts then and I was led by my heart, just like I am now that I truly believe a vote for out will be better for our nation in the long term. Even if there is a bit of a knee jerk reaction in the first twelve months, if we vote to leave it will come good in the long run.

Someone once said to me the most important decisions in our life are made with our hearts not our heads. I believe deep down this is the right decision, not just for selfish short term reasons and perhaps short term gains & personal security, but no - the much bigger future and the benefits of future generations and the future of this once great nation; long after I'm gone! Believe in your country and have the courage to vote LEAVE. Back Britain not the EU!

Going the Extra Hundred Miles

Mike Kent, Wendover  |  Submitted: May 31st 2016
Dear Editor,

I really wanted to let you know about a local Wendover trader who went the extra "hundred miles" for our family. I hope you will consider publishing it.

Due to very sad circumstances, my sister and her partner had to get an emergency licence so they could be married in Milton Keynes hospital. By the time everything was sorted out, it was 8pm in the evening with the ceremony set for 3pm the next afternoon. All the family helped arrange things and after we pulled a reception venue out of thin air (another heart warming story) it was 10am the morning before the wedding and no flowers. We rang round trying to find the bride's favourite lilies, but unfortunately they were special order only.

For reasons I am not sure of myself, I called into Eileen's Flowers on the Tring Road, Wendover in sheer desperation. After I explained the situation, Eileen dropped everything she was doing and was on the phone to the bride. Watching her multi task running round to every corner of the shop, picking flowers from here and there while talking to the bride and making her dream wedding bouquet was a sight to be seen. Button holes for the guys, no problem. Button holes for the ladies, Eileen is on the phone again asking about the colour of their dresses and like magic, colour coordinated button holes for the ladies appear too.

In the space of about an hour, this wonderful lady had sorted everything out and we can think about a quick shower before the ceremony. Thank you so much, our family will always remember your kindness and determination to make sure our sister got the wedding bouquet and flowers she always dreamed of.

Everything went fantastically and while there are a long list of people to thank for making this wedding day special, Eileen is one of the people at the top of our list. Thank you.

Wendover Police Station History

D E Manderfield, Wendover  |  Submitted: May 18th 2016
I was posted to Wendover Police Station January 1956, prior to this having been serving with the Coldstream Guards in London. The Police Station then was a large shed situated behind the two Police houses at 101 and 103 Aylesbury Road. One might say having seen the fine Police Stations in London it was a bit of a shock.

Wendover at this time was serviced by an Inspector, two Sergeants and about ten Constables. There were an additional Constables at Aston Clinton, Butlers Cross, Stoke Mandeville Great Missenden, Prestwood and The Lee. In May 1959, we moved into the new Station at the corner of Lionel Avenue. The old Police Station, the shed, was taken down and re-erected at Amersham to double the size of their existing premises near the old Brazil's Pork Pie factory. They soon had a new place in King George Road.

At its peak, the Wendover Police Station had 18 Constables, two Sergeants, two Detective Constables and an Inspector. Wendover additionally took responsibility of policing Holmer Green with its resident Constable.

In 1968, Thames Valley Police was formed from the forces of Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Reading Borough and Oxford City. From then on so called progress!

Doug Manderfield, sometime Sergeant 504

Tour de France in Town?

Sean Meier, Wendover  |  Submitted: May 18th 2016
Dear Wendover News,

Couldn't help noticing the new bike racks at the station. Must have missed the announcement that Wendover was hosting a stage of the Tour de France and they needed to store the bikes for the night.

Regards, Sean Meier

Cleaning for the Queen - The Wendover Evening WI

Marilyn Storer, President, Wendover Evening WI, Wendover  |  Submitted: May 18th 2016
23rd April 2016 saw Wendover Evening WI members, armed with bags and grabbers, "cleaning" the streets of Wendover in support of the Country Life "Clean for the Queen" campaign. When this was proposed at our meeting there was some opposition because members had seen the good work done by our normal street cleaner.

As expected we found very little litter. The exception was cigarette ends. Despite bins being provided to hold them, the butts were scattered all around the ground. We could not understand this thoughtless and anti-social behaviour until someone suggested that people think that cigarette ends will soon biodegrade. Could I use Wendover News to advise such people that this process will take about 12 years. Hopefully knowing this will have a positive impact on our otherwise very clean streets.

Marilyn Storer
President, Wendover Evening WI

175 More Houses in Wendover?

Jim Wilding, Wendover  |  Submitted: May 18th 2016
Well, the objections, some 350, to the World’s End/Halton Lane area Outline Planning Application 16/01017/AOP are in. We now await AVDC’s decision on 17th June. The initial objection stage was, I believe, initiated by residents of the most directly affected, western area, of the community, but, quite rightly, the main emphasis of the objections was the lack of infrastructure to cope with the current population let alone another 175 houses on the extreme outskirts of the village.

AVDC’s decision will not be the end of the matter. In the event of refusal, no doubt CEG will appeal using its expertise and money. Should the application be approved there must be channels for the community to appeal. This anticipated next phase needs to have leadership with knowledge, expertise and time. But by whom? The Parish Councils? Local District Councillors? The Wendover Society? A local resident, or residents, with the necessary expertise, experience, time and energy?

Wendover and Weston Turville need to prepare for either eventuality with urgency as, by the time this is published, decision day will be about three weeks away.

Jim Wilding, Wendover

Feeding Red Kites

Sue Hetherington , Wendover  |  Submitted: Jun 9th 2015
I was alarmed to read a letter (Wendover News, June 2015 edition) from a pet owner asking people to think about the consequences on pets of feeding red kites. Whilst I agree with what the correspondent says, in my opinion the consequences are even worse than those stated. People should leave the red kites alone and under no circumstances be feeding them. This is why :
• Red kites are more than able to fend for themselves. They should not be treated as if they were garden birds. If there is insufficient food in an area, they will move out to where they can find food naturally. Artificial feeding is preventing their dispersal to normal densities.
• Artificially high densities cause conflicts of interests. "Urban myths" start to spread and mantras such as "there are too many kites" gain currency
• It is selfish behaviour to attract these birds to gardens by providing food. The "feeder" may live near to a neighbour who hates them and starts spreading rumours such as "the red kites ate my guinea pig/rabbit/whatever"
• Feeding the kites can be a death warrant – such as at RAF Benson. This establishment has been given a licence to shoot any red kites that are considered to put flight safety at risk – appeals to nearby villagers to stop feeding them fell on deaf ears.

Everyone who really cares about nature and our birdlife would not jeopardise the red kites in this way for their own selfish pleasures. Additionally, as the original correspondent pointed out, it is doubly selfish in that it now appears to be having a knock on detrimental effect on pets.

Many people and organisations are really worried about individuals feeding the red kites. The RSPB local Aylesbury group is one example of a concerned organisation. We appeal to all individuals who are feeding red kites to ask them to please stop it. If you live near to a property where it occurs (and it is completely obvious where this is from the flocks of circling birds) and you have a good relationship with that householder, could you consider having a quiet word with them to ask politely and gently if they could stop it?

It is time for real bird lovers to step up to speak for the red kites and stop the selfish feeding. Please feeders, just leave the birds alone. Stop feeding them from your garden.


Jassy Layfield, Wendover  |  Submitted: Jun 9th 2015
May I appeal to my neighbours not to put out meat carcasses for the red kites. On several occasions now I have had to try and stop my dog eating chicken bones which he has found in my garden, not always successfully. I can't imagine where they have come from if not dropped by birds.

Some people may not be aware that cooked bones are extremely bad for dogs, they can splinter in the stomach and cause all sorts of problems.

While not wanting to spoil the pleasure you get from seeing these birds circling, I ask you to think about whether the scraps you leave out could have consequences for other animals.

Proposals to further develop the Wendover Schools Campus Site

Mr Andrew and Mrs Sue Hetherington, Wendover  |  Submitted: Jun 8th 2015
We are writing to register our opposition to these proposals in their current form.

We are members of the local community who only heard of the proposals when in receipt of a Bucks County Council Consultation on the matter. We have responded as invited, noting that the consultation is open until 26/6/15.

In common with many local residents, we are already at the end of our tether with the gross nuisance and inconvenience caused by the site. We feel it is overdeveloped as it stands. We are unprepared to even consider agreeing to further expansion until the extensive problems are rectified.

We note that the schools say they are confident that they can cope with more pupils. This of course to us is only part of the issue. Local residents are stakeholders too and feel angry at being expected to contribute as community chargepayers to an ever diminishing quality of neighbourhood convenience and tranquility. We are also unhappy that there appears to be a lack of joined up planning which allows a big development like Princess Mary Gate to go ahead with no infrastructure provision except what can only be described as a glorified corner shop. Why should the residents of Wharf and Manor Roads area pay the price for the profits made from the Princess Mary Hospital site?

Local residents have discussed the issue amongst themselves and we have a lot of suggestions to make. We are considering forming a Residents Association and would ask that we are given a voice before any irrevocable decisions affecting us are taken.

Walking Frame Stolen 3 June 2015

Name and Address Supplied, Wendover  |  Submitted: Jun 3rd 2015
A message from a concerned reader in Wendover:

"Who was the low-life who stole a walking frame from a ninety year old lady in Vinetrees on Wednesday 3 June? You should be ashamed of yourself!"

If you have any information about this crime, please report it to Thames Valley Police on the non-emergency number, 101. If you do not wish to be identified, but have information, please contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or https://crimestoppers-uk.org/.
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