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Churchyard Care Committee Thanks

Bryan Reading, Wendover  |  Submitted: Sep 6th 2013
I want to thank our team of six regulars who turn out, rain or shine, every week of the year. Gary Thorne with Hampden Lodge members and in particular Nick Taylor, gardener extraordinaire, who has helped us open up new sight lines in the older sections. It has been a challenging year with a remarkably wet spring, persistent badger damage, and fly-tipping. However, our gang persevered and we are nearly on top of it again. Thanks again, you lovely people.

Good Samaritan

Caroline Griffiths, Aylesbury Road  |  Submitted: Sep 3rd 2013
Just wanted to say thank you to the really helpful guy who stopped for a few minutes in his day to flip my bike over and yank my bike chain out when it was trapped in the shaft outside Costa coffee today - hope he wasn't too oily! Saved me and my 6yr old a long walk home! Wendover is such a nice place.

Open House thanks

Helen Yabsley, Wendover  |  Submitted: Aug 29th 2013
I would like to thank friends and neighbours who supported my Open House at Orchard Green on 18th August when £801.70 was raised for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research in memory of my husband Nigel Curry.

Weston Turville Horticultural Society Annual Show Report

Jo Spencer, Weston Turville  |  Submitted: Aug 19th 2013
What a great afternoon, and the Weston Turville Horticultural Committee would like to say “thank you” to everyone who turned out in force to see cups, plates, medals and certificates being awarded to all ages at the Weston Turville Horticultural Society Annual Show in the Village Hall last month. Best in Show award went to Alice Ludlow (14) for her beautiful corset in the handicraft section. Graham Rutherford’s dedication resulted in his being awarded the Challenge Cup for the highest number of points in the Show while young Jessica Yerby (age 6) was awarded the Ted Plested Cup for the most points gained in the junior classes.

The entries from pupils from Weston Turville C of E Combined School covered a range of subjects from fruit printing to collage to rain forest paintings while Weston Turville Brownies delighted everyone with their delightfully creative miniature gardens. Oliver Chiswell (7) created the best overall junior entry with his clever representation of The Gruffalo made from vegetables.

The Dog Show and Bee Display both proved great attractions together with all the children’s games and activities.

President of the Society Chris Pallet stressed that this was very much a village event with the Horticultural Committee being the main organisers but he thanked everyone who played a part – the entrants, the committee and the many helpers on the day.
Thank you all for your support.

Children's Room Fun Day a Hit!

Louise Goodman, The Children's Room, South Street, Wendover  |  Submitted: Jul 24th 2013
The staff at the Children's Room would like to say thank you to everyone who came on 20 July. The fun day on Saturday went extremely well and was well supported. We raised £1,350.00, which is being divided between 2 charities, which are Cancer Research UK and the Pepper Foundation. The tombola was a big hit, but most stalls were equally attended.

A happy ending

Odile Pollard, Wendover  |  Submitted: Jul 9th 2013
Many years ago, I bought a vacuum cleaner from our local electrician, Mr. Mitchell. It worked well for years, then suddenly, it gave up the spirit : it was working that very morning, in the afternoon... nothing!
I was already trying to choose a new one . . . but where to start?
Then, I remembered an advert in Wendover News : someone nearly local (just 10 minutes by car) offers to mend your vacuum cleaner. It was worth a try. I took my machine across to him and the next day, a call informed me that my cleaner was ready! It has been revived for £10.00!
It is definitely worth reading the adverts in Wendover News!

Crime on the Rise in Wendover?

Name and Address Supplied,   |  Submitted: Jul 5th 2013
Dear Wendover News,

With another car break in on the Princess Mary Gate estate to add to the list of recent crimes and anti-social behaviour, all residents need to be extra vigilant and report any suspicious behaviour. A good sense of community has been developing in the area and it's pleasing to see the steps residents are taking to help each other protect their homes. It would also be reassuring to hear more from the police as to what further steps can be taken to help end this 'mini crime wave'.

An Impassioned Plea to Dog Owners

Name and Address Supplied,   |  Submitted: Jun 19th 2013
Can I make an impassioned plea through the Wendover News to all dog owners/walkers to PLEASE PLEASE pick up after your dog.

I live in Weston Turville where the habit of not picking up after one's dog appears to have become a normality and commonplace. The stuff is absolutely everywhere. Any spare green area or verge is blighted and I and my children are constantly treading in it. The lovely green area at the end of Millstream where we sometimes have a little play seems to have become a dog toilet despite the fact that just a few metres away at the end of the path that connects Millstream to the road below Brookside a dog poo bin is there for all to use. The footpath around the fields behind is covered in dollops. We like to go out for walks and have a play as we only have a small garden but the mess is constantly cutting our fun short.

We dare not stray a centimetre off a pavement onto any green patch as without a doubt before long the familiar stench and sticky brown yuck is again a companion to our shoes and we have to traipse home for mum to scrub and disinfect shoes. Fed up I am of it.

Even the path running adjacent to the park from the car park to the school is very often afflicted and the playing fields behind the village hall are just disgusting. The £1,000 fine seems to be no deterrent and everyone knows the health risks. Small children just don’t understand not to touch. Even when wiped their fingers are likely to find their way to their mouths before they can be washed properly.

Straying off the path at the end of School Lane where it meets Church Lane to have a jump and a skip on the grass or to lift the children up to have a look at the pictures on the sign explaining the history of the buildings in the village used to be a favourite bit of fun, but so often were we treading in the inevitable that we have to avoid.

Every dog owner I know swears that they pick it up but it seems to me that very few people do so.

To continue my rant – when recently playing in Ashbrook Park in Wendover we ventured out of the fenced-in play park area to shoot a few goals in the basketball hoop. "Careful - watch out for dog poo," I call. Too late! My son treads in a fresh pile - right next to the dog poo bin! Not just on his shoes but this time a good one that squirts right up his leg. Play cut short again!

The list goes on, and yes, perhaps there are bigger things to worry about in the world and perhaps I should get a life, but it is such a small and simple thing I am asking that would make such a huge difference to everyone. Having children comes with a responsibility and so does dog ownership.

I am asking, requesting, begging, imploring: - please, please pick it up.

Found spectacles

Paul Minton FBDO, Ivan Cammack Optometrist, Wendover, High Street, Wendover  |  Submitted: Jun 5th 2013
At the end of May, we had a pair of spectacles handed in to us (Ivan Cammack Optometrist) by a gentleman who found them on one the benches in the High Street. They are a pair of good quality lightweight semi-rimless ladies frames with thinner varifocals lenses. We have searched our database, but they don’t appear to have been dispensed by us. Please call in to the practice at 23 High Street or call us on 01296 625892 if you think these may be your spectacles.


, Wendover Schools Campus, Wharf Road  |  Submitted: Jun 1st 2013
I am writing to express my shock to hear that somebody hurled a brick through the window of the car used by the Children's Centre. The Children's centre provides a valuable resource to families like ours in the village and the car is used by staff not only to move equipment and staff members around but also allows them to provide a taxi service for children who otherwise wouldn't be able to attend certain sessions.

This mindless act of vandalism would have put the car out of action for as long as it took to fix the window and a staff member away from regular duties as they took it to be mended. The car is not only used at the Wendover centre but other centres in the local area too so there would have been a knock on effect.

I'm really saddened that a low cost high value resource available to young families has suffered at the hands of some bored and stupid individual(s) who have nothing better to do than cause damage for kicks. The Children's centre is run by Barnados as a charity, often relying on donations and volunteers so I am sure that they can little afford extra outgoings like this.

No doubt there are many other families in Wendover who appreciate the brilliant service provided by the team there and who would echo my thoughts. Let's hope this never happens again.
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