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County Council delegation honours memory of fallen Buckinghamshire soldiers

  |  Published: Jul 3rd 2018
With the sun shining down on the identical rows of gleaming headstones stretching as far as the eye could see, the mood was sombre and contemplative as the delegation of members from Buckinghamshire County Council silently paid their respects to those who lost their lives on the battlegrounds of Belgium during World War I.

Help prevent Female Genital Mutilation

  |  Published: Jul 3rd 2018
Buckinghamshire Health and Wellbeing Board alongside Thames Valley Police, the Safer and Stronger Bucks Partnership Board and the children and adult Safeguarding Boards want to highlight the issue to give people confidence to speak out about any concerns they may have, particularly in communities where people may find it difficult to raise their fears.

Aylesbury Waterside Theatre - Summer to Autumn 2018

Alison Trimming, Ambassador Theatre Group  |  Published: Jul 2nd 2018
From musicals to family shows, stunning dance to rib-tickling comedy Aylesbury Waterside Theatre has a full line-up to keep theatregoers entertained throughout autumn and beyond.

HS2 Update - July 2018

Tom Walsh, Wendover Parish Council  |  Published: Jul 1st 2018
It’s a time of both problems and opportunity for the HS2 team as we carry on promoting Wendover’s Mined Tunnel solution.

Wendover Needs a Choice

  |  Published: Jun 30th 2018
There are two possible solutions to the problem of noise from the bypass – a very Low Noise Surface (vLNS) and noise barriers.
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