August 2016

Enigma from the Other Side

  |  Published: Aug 15th 2016
First known interview with a German Enigma operator, in Bletchley Park Podcast

Myeloma UK & Cancer Research Charity BBQ 2016

  |  Published: Aug 9th 2016
On Saturday 30 July there was a Charity BBQ & Music night at the Mediterranean Nursery in Bovingdon to raise money for two charities: Myeloma UK & Cancer Research

Water Voles & Mink

  |  Published: Aug 9th 2016
BBOWT has confirmed a local mink sighting

24 hour paint-a-thon

  |  Published: Aug 8th 2016
Local artist Sally Prendergast will complete an oil painting over a single 24-hour period, to raise funds for St Nicholas Church, Great Kimble
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