£250,000 Milestone Reached!

  |  Published: Jul 3rd 2015

Saunderton-based charity Kids in Sport this week announced they have passed the £250,000 milestone!   This is the total sum awarded by the charity since it was founded in 2008 to provide opportunities for local deserving youngsters to take part in sport. 

This is a breakdown of how the money has been distributed:

30 grants - Physically disabled - £97,261.95

11 grants - Special needs - £29,308.73           

38 grants - Able-bodied - £124,078.63

Total - £250,649.31

In total 79 grants have been made, from a few hundred up to five figures.  The most recent award was £4000 to Hughenden Primary School to fund a lunchtime sports club.   Hughenden is typical of the beneficiaries Kids in Sport seeks to support, being a small village school with a policy of being fully inclusive for all its 129 pupils.  

Hughenden Head, Sarah Leighton, says “It’s lovely to see the children develop their sporting skills without the pressure that comes from competitive sports.  All the children have thrived and gained vast knowledge on their sporting activities and there is a genuine excitement leading up to the start of the sessions”. 



For further information email roger@kidsinsport.com or call 07944 870286

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