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HS2 Property and Compensation Roadshow

Mike Beard; Chairman Wendover Society  |  Published: Dec 20th 2012
The HS2 Property and Compensation Roadshow comes to Wendover Memorial Hall on 12 January 2012

Relieve Pain and Remain Injury Free

  |  Published: Dec 20th 2012
Sports and remedial massage therapy combines general and deep tissue manipulation with various forms of stretching, to loosen up tight muscles, break up adhesions in muscle fibres, and restore and maintain the functionality of your muscles.

Exercise is for Life not just for January

  |  Published: Dec 20th 2012
Every January lots of people join a gym or go to exercise classes brimming with optimism and “Christmas pudding”, and only half of these resolutions will make it as far as March.

Nutrition and Exercise

  |  Published: Dec 20th 2012
Cat Booker’s Fitness & Nutritional Therapist, Jenny Phillips, tells us how to boost our mood and energy naturally

Pretty Nails Opens

  |  Published: Dec 20th 2012
Pretty Nails is now open in Icknield Court, Back Street

Travel Expressions Award

  |  Published: Dec 20th 2012
An independent travel agent, in Tring has won a prestigious award from Lusso Travel.

Wendover Community Library is Open

  |  Published: Dec 20th 2012
We’re happy to announce that Wendover Community Library (WCL) was declared open on Saturday, 1 December.
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