HS2 updates, summer 2013

  |  Published: Aug 9th 2013

Judicial Review Appeal

In July, HS2AA learnt the result of its judicial review appeal supported by Wendover. The result was mixed. One judge, with the most environmental expertise, agreed with the entire case against. The other two agreed that the environmental strategic route assessments were missing but concluded that Parliament decided the route. HS2AA won leave to appeal to the Supreme Court, so more funding will be needed to fight on and there remains a good probability of success. It is highly encouraging that a very senior judge has found against the government on all counts.

The National Trust

A more local issue is, oddly, the National Trust. Its response to the draft environmental statement objected to Wendover’s request to move the location of the portal of our proposed bored tunnel away from the village and slightly closer to Stoke Mandeville. Stoke Mandeville is 2,900 meters from the current “green” tunnel entrance; Wendover only about 200 meters. To protect Wendover, we’d like it to be further away. The National Trust seems to prefer to damage Wendover and the Coombe Hill environment to “protect” Stoke Mandeville. If you are a member, please write and ask for a rethink and for the issue to be debated at the AGM.  Please also sympathise with Stoke Mandeville, they are faced with prolonged construction disruption and huge noise from massive viaducts. But a tunnel portal over 2 kilometers away should be the least of their concerns!

Compensation Class Action

Finally, a national compensation claim is being organised, aimed at those close enough to be affected but too far for formal compensation: most people. The organisers are researching a possible massive legal challenge should there be enough support. It is free to support the idea; this only works with lots of support http://www.cahs2.com/.

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