Local Face: Lynda Raybould

  |  Published: Jun 1st 2007
Local Face: Lynda Raybould

Lynda Raybould has become very popular in Wendover since she arrived in June 1991 - because she is a dentist. Yes, contrary to the well known stereotype, she is not at all scary, quite the opposite, she is extremely well liked by her patients, young and old.

Lynda is not a Southern girl by origin. She was born in Macclesfield and grew up in Sheffield, attending a school that offered fast track O-levels, so she finished A-levels a year earlier than most and turned up for the start of her general dental training at Manchester aged only 17. This did not stop her from qualifying with honours. Then before letting herself loose on an unsuspecting public, she decided to spend a year as a House Officer at Manchester Dental Hospital, gaining a lot more experience in a short space of time.

Lynda’s husband Bruce, being a true Yorkshireman, couldn’t face living on the wrong side of the Pennines so they moved jobs to Bedford but didn’t settle Then Bruce transferred to Aylesbury and Lynda jumped at the chance to work in a practice in Prestwood. She later took over from Anuj Buddhdev in the  practice “above” what is now Lloyds Chemists,  High Street, Wendover.

By this time both Lynda and Bruce loved the area and had moved to Ford Village, where they now live with their two sons aged 9 and 10.

As the twentieth century turned into the twenty first, dentistry changed out of all recognition.  Young children no longer need to fear the dentist’s chair because as long as they follow advice about diet and caring for their teeth, they will  not need fillings! In fact much time is now spent on prevention and advice. Lynda has embraced all modern techniques, which minimise the need for drilling such as the use of ozone, and small cavity preparations. She has also trained to do acupuncture to help reduce the gag reflex in susceptible patients, and can treat jaw joint pain.  Her practice also offers a full range of cosmetic dentistry, including crown and bridgework, bleaching and implants.

Lynda has been secretary for the local section of the British Dental association for some time now, and enjoys the contact with other local dentists.

Perry House Dental Surgery has two associates. Beryl Hinton works two days a week and has made a valued part of the team for six years now, and Richard Butler, who makes superb dentures even in the most difficult cases.

The dental team is very important in making the dental experience run smoothly, and Lynda has three excellent nurses in Frances Ives, and Suzi Harris , with Moira Thompson filling in regularly when they need her. The receptionist Natalie Bunce has just returned from maternity leave after the birth of her second child. Last but certainly not least, is the hygienist Liz Styles, who is helping to treat and prevent the most common of dental diseases, gum disease.

The practice regretfully had to go totally private in April 2006, after the last changes to the Dental Contract. They have tried to keep the practice as competitive as possible, and by going private they have been able to keep the standard of care as high as possible

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