Access to Weston Turville Reservoir

  |  Published: Aug 29th 2013

The Canal & River Trust are looking to do some modest rearrangements to allow public access to the shoreline of Weston Turville Reservoir, just beyond the end of the concrete path by the Weston Turville entrance. This follows discussions between various user groups at the reservoir and local residents, who had been saddened that fences had closed off shoreline access, However, residents are now thrilled at this news, which will allow youngsters to be able, once more, to "fish" with their little nets and safely look at tadpoles and the like in shallow, shoreline water, rather than at the end of a deep jetty.

The fishing club are in principle, comfortable with access being opened up because it is an area they do not use, because of the overhead power cables in that corner.

As this is such a popular site for visitors to dwell, the Trust would want to work with locals to clear the vegetation, allow shoreline access and see if a couple of benches or picnic tables can be located there.   We need volunteers to make this shoreline access possible. Please email your interest to Wendover News, who will pass on your details to the organisers of the clearance work.

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