Action Against Alzheimer’s

  |  Published: Feb 1st 2017

Many of us will now have friends and relatives struggling with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. The human and financial tolls are enormous, and it is predicted that the NHS won’t be able to cope if the burden is not reduced.   Whilst we are becoming more aware of how to support those with the condition, to date medical treatment has centred on drug therapy aimed only at slowing the progression.

However, In October 2014 a research paper on the reversal of cognitive decline was published by Professor Dale Bredesen, an eminent neurologist and Professor of Alzheimer’s Research.  This was an exciting new development, as his paper described the reversal of cognitive decline using diet and lifestyle, rather than drugs.  From this model and system of thinking, Professor Bredesen has reversed Alzheimer’s disease in more than 90% of his patients

Based on Dr Bredesen’s work the Action Against Alzheimer’s programme has been developed to help those at risk.    For more information, a free talk will take place at Wendover Library on Saturday 11th February at 10 – 11am.    To reserve a place please contact Nicola Smith on 07749 881081

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