Answer the Fruity Call!

Becky Murgatroyd  |  Published: Apr 24th 2016
fruity call bag

Sometimes projects grab you and off you go in a creative storm to change the world and make a difference, other times you start with a sense of trepidation and scepticism. In January we started our project, now known as Fruity Call. I was nervous to say the least and unsure if it would work; how wrong I was. Martin Thorton, our Fundraiser, came to us with the idea, and after some persuading an exciting journey began. You may have read about the project already in previous articles, however let me remind you and excite you with our progress. Wendover Youth Centre teamed up with Wendover Youth Forum and Aylesbury Youth for Christ. First step, the idea: To work with local store Bugdens, taking their leftover  fruit, dehydrating it and making it into fruity bits to sell. Once we had our idea, we crowd-funded £1230 to buy all the equipment and training needed. A big thank you to all who donated big or small. Thank you especially to the Rotary, Numbers, Paul Hammett Accountants and Budgens.

Once we had our machine, we got started. We spent 3 days in the February half term creating. We had around 10 young people working hard to make the product and design the bags etc. We then launched it our very own music gig. Selling the product has been an amazing experience. Especially as a youth worker, to watch the young people make it, pack it, design and then sell it has been great. One story that sticks out for me is making it on the Wednesday and having it sell out by the Friday. We have sold out on many occasions. We sell it at all of our groups and often young people will choose it over cake or chocolate, which is amazing. We have also sold it to Weight Watchers, U3A, at our AGM and other events. To be honest, we cannot make it quickly enough. To say this project has been a success is an understatement. As we go into the next term I hope we can keep the excitement and momentum. We will be selling it at Wendover Celebrates and all the money we make goes back to the Youth Centre. So come and answer your Fruity Call and give it a try.

Becky and Team

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