Aston Hill Opens New Downhill Trail

  |  Published: Nov 27th 2012

Over the past three years the Aston Hill Bike Park volunteers have been working with the Forestry Commission and the CTC to transform the disused Aston Hill Mountain Bike Park to a thriving facility for a wide range of cyclist ability levels and age groups. Aston Hill Mountain Bike Park now has nearly 300 members and receives over 8,000 visitors a year. The Bike Park consists of 4 downhill trails, a 5.5 mile cross country circuit and a four cross trail. 

The Downhill rebuild project has been undertaken by a dedicated team of volunteers. With the right training and paperwork in place, heavy machinery has been used to construct some exciting new features on the downhill trail.  The trail has been designed for advanced downhill bikers, for which there is a growing market across the country. With the interest and feedback already received on the trail it looks this will be one of the most popular downhill trails in the south of England.  Click here to see a feature video about the construction of the new mountain bike trail at Aston Hill, which was opened on Sunday 28 October.

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