Barlow Road, Wendover decision by AVDC

Leona Wheals  |  Published: Mar 13th 2013

I had the crucial meeting last night where the fate of the Barlow Road land was decided.


Unfortunately it was a unanimous vote to accept the best offer on the land to make way for building.


I tried hard to persuade them otherwise, by picking many holes and flaws in their report with the help of Cllr Chris Richards, but they completely ignored our points during their discussion, it was as if we hadn't put a case across and despite me asking them to put their community before financial gain, they still chose money over matter.


However, they did say they intend on working closely with the parish council to find and transform an alternative site, although they have acknowledged they have failed to find an alternative site in the past, apparently 1 has been identified but is privately owned land so will have to wait and see. If its where I think it is I'm sure the owner has been contacted by the Parish Council and rejected the opportunity to sell.


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