AVDC Planning on RAF Closure

  |  Published: Mar 30th 2017

The only fixed things are that the airfield will go in 2020 and the camp will close entirely by 2022. We consider that it has some potential to deliver housing and some other uses, however, this development potential may be constrained by, for instance, the listed status of a number of buildings within the camp. 

VALP will have to address the potential development of the site, but work in relation to its development potential by external consultants is only at very early stages and no decisions relating to future development have been made yet. The method by which that development could be delivered has also not been determined.

Community involvement will be central to the development of proposals and the communities in the area will be consulted during the development of proposals. As the camp is not due to close for another five years, decisions about future development do not need to be taken in the immediate future. We understand that Wendover residents would like to know more but there is nothing more we can say at this moment.

Neighbourhood Planning, AVDC

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