Aylesbury Ramblers - Outer Aylesbury Ring

  |  Published: Jun 17th 2013

The Outer Aylesbury Ring - the O.A.R. - is a new 53 mile ring route designed by volunteers to include many of the best views in Aylesbury ValeIn addition to the walks of the actual Ring there are circular walks from it. These vary between 4 and 14 miles.

Aylesbury & District Ramblers have now published 14 Walk Guides detailing each section of the Ring, each with its own detailed map.  All the information relating to the routes is available on the Aylesbury Ramblers’ website – www.aylesbury-ramblers.org.uk. and is available to the general public.  The entire route has been waymarked.

In addition, display stands with full sets of the Guides have been placed Tourist Offices – Aylesbury, Wendover, Princes Risborough & Buckingham, as well as in Aylesbury Public Library.  More limited sets of the Guides can be found in the following libraries – Wendover, Haddenham, Leighton Buzzard and Wing.

If you enjoy walking the footpaths of the Vale then do go to one of these venues to obtain your set of Guides. Aylesbury Ramblers will be making every effort to ensure the Guide locations are kept well stocked but in the event of there being a shortfall anywhere they would appreciate your letting them know so supplies can be “topped up.”  Just contact Lindsay Smith – lindsay7695@aol.com

Aylesbury Ramblers hope you will enjoy walking the Ring and say a very big “thank you” to all the volunteers who have helped in whatever way.

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