Barber Pole Enterprise

  |  Published: Jan 26th 2015

The traditional Barber Pole is a symbol of a long-gone era when people visited barbers not just for a haircut or shave but also for bloodletting and other medical procedures. Antique barber poles can fetch thousands of pounds but a savvy local businessman has created a modern alternative.

Local barber shop entrepreneur Dimitri Matheou has created a range of barber pole replicas and furniture based on authentic vintage barber poles and signs. Being in the barber trade for over 30 years, Dimitri had always admired the classic red, white and blue poles that characterise old style barber shops. Vintage poles are almost impossible to find these days and so he designed a new range which faithfully replicate some of the most classic designs.

Not only barber poles; Dimitri has also addressed the issue of how to keep young children amused and happy when in the barber's chair. Classic car style mirrors, sofas and furniture add to the assortment. The 1960s style Chevrolet car replica with take centre stage as a unique and striking salon reception desk.

The quirky new range is totally unique and has just been launched to barbers and hairdressers worldwide.

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