'Bikesafe' at RAF Halton

  |  Published: May 11th 2015
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Motorcycle Police officers from London’s Metropolitan Police funded by Transport for London, held a day long seminar at RAF Halton aimed at improving motor cyclist safety.

After a number of fatal accidents involving RAF servicemen in the last year, including RAF Halton based, Sergeant Tony Ayres; the national Police ‘BikeSafe’ campaign has been sanctioned by the Air Force Board is now being adopted and funded for motor cyclists at RAF units.

The ‘BikeSafe’ initiative helps improve road craft skills by examining what causes accidents, hazard awareness and promoting defensive riding by examining the rider’s attitude and behaviours. The Police instructors also encourage further training from the Institute of Advanced Motorists and the Enhanced Rider Scheme.

The practical phase of the seminar saw the riders from RAF Halton out on the local roads on a check ride, being constantly assessed by the Police riders with regular feedback stops where advice and direction is given.

As an inexperienced rider, Flight Sergeant Carl Pearson said: ‘I’ve only had a bike for three years but in that time I’ve already had an accident so this training will build my confidence. I also see it as a stepping stone to eventually become a blood-biker, delivering organs, blood and medical equipment during the antisocial hours.’

The Metropolitan Police have dealt with 19 fatal motorcycle accidents in the capital so far this year and thousands are killed or injured on UK roads every year costing the NHS over £3.5 million each year, with a cost to the economy of around £8 billion.

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