British School boys help Nepal Earthquake victims

  |  Published: Jun 26th 2015
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Two boys from the John Colet School have done their part to help the victims of the Nepal earthquake

Oliver Tate

As he turns 15 and celebrates his birthday with friends, British schoolboy Oliver Tate spares a thought for the victims of the recent devastating earthquake that hit Nepal April 25th this year by giving up some of his birthday money to help those affected.

He doesn't give it to the Red Cross, the British Disaster Appeal or any other charitable organization. No. He wants it to go directly to those who need it now. So, it's with some luck that his uncle happens to be in Nepal and traveling through to Kathmandu just after his birthday.

"It's not hard to see who needs help around here. Although most buildings are still upright, it's the structural damage that's forcing residents of Kathmandu to seek temporary shelter in tents.  Many schools are structurally unsafe for classes forcing students to take to tents for their education. Crammed shoulder to shoulder, they are rapidly running out of materials, sharing books, even pens, with school in 2 shifts, morning and afternoon, here in Durbar Square, Central Kathmandu."

When asked what's needed the most: "Exercise books", replies the teacher of class 10.
So, from the little stationery shop close by, 36 exercise books purchased, funded by Oliver Tate's donation, via his Uncle Paul in Kathmandu.

The gratitude is overwhelming, the kids with massive smiles on their faces. Kids who may have lost their parents, who are living in tents, have a small reason to be happy today as their new books are handed out - courtesy of a British schoolboy.


Nisham K

When I heard about the Nepalese earthquake I decided that I wanted to do something to help; as someone of Nepalese origin I felt that this was the right thing to do.  I decided that I could raise money by shaving my head; I announced my aim in assembly then made posters to go around school.  With the help of some fellow students I shaved my head in front of a packed lecture theatre on the 8 May.  I charged students £1 entry and in total raised £200 for the Nepal  Earthquake Appeal.

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