Buckinghamshire libraries helping to nurture the computer programmers of tomorrow

  |  Published: Oct 31st 2017

Buckinghamshire County Council’s libraries have been given 290 pocket-sized computers to loan out, courtesy of the Micro:bit foundation.

Designed to inspire digital creativity, the BBC Micro:bit gives users the chance to learn simple coding and programming. This can lead to all sorts of practical applications from heart rate monitors to robots and everything in between!

They connect to a computer or laptop via a USB lead supplied in the pack where they can be coded and programmed through a web browser without the need for specialist software.

Noel Brown, Cabinet Member for Community Engagement and Public Health, said: “It is very exciting to have Micro:bits available at our libraries for people to use. We want to be leading the way for nurturing talent in Buckinghamshire and hope we can uncover the programmers of tomorrow -  to help shape our future!”

To find out where your nearest library is where you can borrow a Micro:bit visit https://www.buckscc.gov.uk/services/libraries/find-a-library/

Noel Brown, Cabinet Member for Communities and Public Health
Noel Brown, Cabinet Member for Communities and Public Health
Micro:bit in use
Micro:bit in use
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