Bucks County Council Elections May 2013

  |  Published: Apr 26th 2013

Chris Adams


Vote for me on May 2nd and I will... * Protect the area that you and I are passionate about * Tirelessly work against HS2!, ONLY UKIP SAY NO TO HS2!  * Lobby town and district councils to act in the interests of my constituents and not out of Party political loyalty or ideology * Fight wasteful vanity projects, spendthrift policies and the local government "gravy train" * Provide you with open, honest and accessible representation.


The three old parties take your vote for granted while ignoring your wishes. How many times have you made a complaint or raised a concern only to be met with "buck-passing" or indifference from local councillors terrified to say something that would irritate their central party or local government political group?


That is not democracy. That is arrogant complacency. Show the old failed parties who is boss and elect someone who will be a true public servant, listening to what people say that they want, and not telling them what they need. If you’re against HS2 you only have one choice. Please use it and vote UKIP, or HS2 “will happen”. An Environmental catastrophic disaster to the Chilterns! Vote UKIP on May 2nd.




Steve Bowles


Steve is a partner in a Chartered Architects practice in Wendover, a member of the Wendover Society, and is married with two children. He’s always been interested in politics and believes a vibrant community requires involvement from all sectors within it.  Outside of politics Steve enjoys reading, gardening, music and watching most sports. 


Steve cares strongly about the communities where he lives and works and will endeavour to ensure that Wendover, Halton and Stoke Mandeville retain their unique character and remain attractive villages.  Since the announcement of the route for HS2 Steve has vehemently fought against this project, he sits on the Wendover HS2 Strategic Committee, and is an observer on the Stoke Mandeville Action Group. Recently Steve was able to deliver first-hand the concerns of local residents when he had a private meeting with Patrick McLoughlin Secretary of State for Transport and he made him fully aware of the strength of feeling and the reasons why this project is not viable. 


Steve welcomes the opportunity to represent you and with your support in the County Council elections he will be able to ensure you are fully represented giving you a real say in decisions which affect you.




Sue Heatherington


Sue was born in Aylesbury but brought up in High Wycombe.  She and husband Andrew initially lived around High Wycombe then moved to Wendover in 1995.


Sue is a passionate supporter of the Green Party's stated aim of creating a sustainable society.  The Greens believe that a system based on inequality and exploitation is threatening the future of the planet on which we all depend and encourages reckless and environmentally damaging consumerism.  If elected, these principals would inform all of her work locally, whether in the areas of transport, the environment, community, children and young people or others.


Sue is retired from paid employment but works hard as a volunteer.  She particularly enjoys volunteering with the Vale Conservation Volunteers.  She has benefitted from the help of a bereavement charity and is in the process of taking over as the leader of a local group.  Natural History is a lifelong passion and she supports numerous clubs and societies.  Sue also has a deep interest in the law and is planning to progress her academic qualifications into practical studies with an ambition of participating in pro bono activities.






The major issues facing Buckinghamshire are future development, jobs, economic growth and infrastructure. A vote for me or Labour in these elections is pretty much a vote against the Conservatives. They have 44 councillors, they dominate all policy and decision making – and are not interested in change. But the population of Buckinghamshire is growing, and change will come. Aylesbury and High Wycombe are on their way to becoming large urbanised towns, but the new rail link between London and Birmingham will cut clean through the county, without any new train stations to benefit the local economy. There is a need in rural Buckinghamshire for good quality jobs without long commutes. But the only current plan is to bring in incinerators and super-dairies. Significant housing growth is planned first. Schools, retail, amenities and other infrastructure (bypasses, link roads) are planned for much later. In the meantime Wendover residents have to deal with traffic chaos, crowded hospitals and schools, and degraded environment. Future developments will need to be timed and balanced. Will the next generation really be able to live, and work, and raise their own families in Wendover? Someone needs a long term plan. Labour representatives can be part of that.




A Wendover District Councillor for the past 13 years, I have chaired both Economy and Environment Committees and been a member of Development Control and the Chiltern Conservation Board for as long. This experience in key areas would serve me well as a County Councillor.  I have both time and commitment to attend day and evening meetings and have an excellent record of doing so at District level.


As a member of the local HS2 committee, I remain totally opposed to HS2 but if the Coalition government votes for it, I will continue the fight to protect the environment and for better compensation for local people and businesses. I am against development between Aylesbury, Stoke Mandeville and Wendover. I support economic development, job creation, looking after the vulnerable and ensuring efficient services.


I am in favour of unitary authorities. Money saved should be used to enhance services (and repair roads!) but if the Government persists in cutting grants, then it would enable us to maintain services with our own council funds.  Communication is important to me - not just at election time. I hope to be your representative at Bucks County Council, playing an active role, responsible only to you and not simply a messenger from the Council.




Liberal Democrat

Peter Vernon (50) Liberal Democrat for Stoke Mandeville, Wendover and Halton, has lived in Stoke Mandeville all his life and went to school in Stoke Mandeville & Aylesbury, then went on to study mechanical engineering.


Peter has been active in politics for a number of years; he has served two terms on AVDC representing Stoke Mandeville and Elm Farm. 


Aside from politics his interests include music and photography, and he has travelled extensively around the world.  He says “It is hard to think of a County Council division more seriously affected by HS2.  Well done BCC and the 51m group for opposing this £32 billion white elephant”.


“It is vital to continue opposing this scheme”, says Peter, “but it is also important that if HS2 is built, Bucks County Council must negotiate for the best deal locally for mitigation and infrastructure improvements”. www.aylesburylibdems.co.uk

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