Celebrating siblings during National Adoption Week

  |  Published: Oct 16th 2017
Warren Whyte, Cabinet Member for Children’s Services, courtesy Bucks County Council
Warren Whyte, Cabinet Member for Children’s Services




The bond we have with our siblings can be one of the most important in our lives. This year’s National Adoption Week (16 to 23 October) celebrates the unique relationship we have with our brothers and sisters and highlights the need for more adopters to help find new homes for the hundreds of siblings up and down the country who need them.

There are 11 children in Buckinghamshire currently looking for a permanent home and our adoption team are working hard to make that wish come true. Of the 11 there are three groups of two siblings and one group of three. This includes a pair of twin boys who are 16 months old. 

The boys are currently being cared for by a foster carer who describe them as: "A delightful, engaging baby.  The smiles and squeals of delight are so rewarding”

And: “He's a joy to care for.  He is very sociable and has a ready smile”

Choosing to adopt is a big decision and can be motivated by many factors. The children waiting for adoption cannot live with their birth family for a number of different reasons. Adoption is lifelong and anyone considering it will need to understand that the children who need adoption have a place in both their birth and adoptive family. You will need to manage the unexpected and the unpredictable. You will need to understand the complex set of emotions and difficulties you are likely to face. We can start to tell you about all of this at our information events and give details about the support available.

Alison and her wife Hayley told us their story. They adopted their son when he was 19 months old, he is now 4. 

Like some adopted children, Alison and Hayley’s son has some developmental issues which the couple have had training and ongoing support to deal with. “There have been lots of struggles along the way like any new parents but he has just started school and is settling in really well. He’s the most incredible little boy,” says Alison.

Offering her advice to anyone thinking adopting, Alison said: “It’s not something you go into lightly and there will be issues. You have to be open about it and prepared for anything.” For Alison and Hayley, they haven’t looked back: “Being able to adopt has meant we now have the family we’ve always dreamed of. Our son is so special and we are so proud of him. It can be really hard but it’s also wonderful.”

Warren Whyte, Cabinet Member for Children’s Services said: “It is wonderful to hear about the happy ending for this little boy in finding his forever home with Alison and Hayley. We would like to find forever homes for all our children but need prospective adopters to contact us.

“We try to keep families together as much as possible so people who are willing to adopt two or more children from the same family are very sought after but anyone who is interested in adoption should get in touch.”

If you are interested in adoption and would like to find out more, why not come along to one of our next information evenings from 6.15 to 8.30pm:

  • Monday 6 November, Chesham Town Hall
  • Monday 4 December, Green Park Training Centre, Aston Clinton

Book your place or find out more on our website: https://www.buckscc.gov.uk/services/care-for-children-and-families/adoption/

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