Chiltern Society asks walkers, cyclists and horse riders to be considerate to each other

  |  Published: Apr 12th 2015
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As thousands of walkers, joggers, cyclists and horse riders take to the paths and bridleways of the Chilterns this Easter, the Chiltern Society is asking everyone to show consideration to others.

“It behoves all categories of path user to be considerate to others,” the Society says in its latest magazine, Chiltern.

“For example, the law requires cycle riders on bridleways to ‘give way to pedestrians and horse riders’, but it’s hard to see any good reason why pedestrians (especially if they form a large group) and horse riders should not in suitable circumstances decide to make things easy for cyclists by letting them pass.

“Speed is a particular issue, whether in the form of runners, motorised disability vehicles, cycles or horses, but particularly in the case of cyclists who at times approach at speed in sizeable groups in a way that can be intimidating to fellow cyclists as well as other path users.

“It’s right to expect all path users, especially large groups, to ensure that their speed is safe and when approaching more quickly, particularly from behind, give a clear warning, remembering that not all path users have good hearing or eyesight.

“Pedestrians on footpaths should not need to beware of cycle or horse riders at all, of course, since riders do not have a right of access there.”

The Society, a charity with 7,000 members caring for the Chilterns, is urging all countryside users to respect the land they are using and not stray from way-marked paths into private woodland.

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