Commandant Cranwell visits RAF Halton's Instructors

Jane Reilly  |  Published: May 17th 2019

Commandant Cranwell, Air Commodore Peter Squires, paid a visit to RAF Halton and Bramley Training Area to gain further understanding into RAF Halton’s mission and output, in particular, the Basic Recruit Training Course, and the Initial Force Protection Training (IFPT) phase of the 10 week course.

As Officer Commanding all Phase 1 Training in the Royal Air Force, which includes Initial Officer Training (IOT) at RAF Cranwell, Air Commodore Peter Squires came to witness the high calibre of instructors employed within Recruit Training Squadron to see how these instructors are selected, introduced to Phase 1 training and their progression throughout their time within the instructing environment. During his visit he was able to watch the quality instruction of the Instructor Cadre as well as interacting with the trainees in field exercise conditions.

Phase 1 recruits deploy to Bramley Training Area, Hampshire, during week 7 of the 10 week Basic Recruit Training Course.  After 3 weeks of Force Protection training which involves first aid, chemical biological radiological and nuclear (CBRN) training, weapon handling and live firing lessons. They deploy to Bramley in order to conduct a Confirmation of Practical Training called Exercise BLUE WARRIOR. The exercise enables the recruits to practice what has been taught during Initial Force Protection Training in a realistic and demanding scenario based exercise that includes training injects and casualties with life like injuries which they need to employ their new skills in order to deal with each scenario.  

After 2 days of Field Craft lessons entailing caring for themselves in the field, Methods of Movement, Reaction to Effective Enemy Fire and Basic Patrolling Skills, recruits are expected to be self-sufficient, operating from the contents of their Bergen whilst living under shelter sheets (Bivouac) and cooking and eating Operational Ration Packs.  The exercise lasts 36 hours and is focused around a fictional Main Operating Base which sees them dealing with different realistic scenarios they may encounter at any base home or abroad.

first aid
All images are Crown Copyright and show the range of exercises the trainees undertook.
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