Consultation on Proposed Schools Expansion

  |  Published: May 7th 2015
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6 May 2015

To Parents/Carers/Local Community

Consultation on the proposed expansion of John Hampden School Wendover and Wendover CE Junior School from Friday 8 May to Friday 26 June 2015
You may be aware that over the last few years there has been an increasing demand for new primary school places in Buckinghamshire. This now means a need for additional primary school places in Wendover from September 2016.

Buckinghamshire County Council has been exploring options with schools in Wendover with regards to expansion proposals to allow additional children to be accommodated. The Governors of our Schools in partnership with Buckinghamshire County Council are proposing to increase the number of places available at both John Hampden School Wendover and Wendover CE Junior School by one form of entry (ie an additional 30 children starting from 1 September 2016). This will mean that over a period of three years the Infant School will build up to a capacity of 360 plus nursery provision and in the following four years the Junior School capacity will increase to 480. 

The proposal to expand, which is in line with the aims and mission of our Schools is fully supported by both Governing bodies. Most importantly the size of the proposed increase in pupil numbers will not compromise either School’s ability to know and cater for pupils on an individual basis.

Initially the proposal is that from September 2016 John Hampden School Wendover will admit an additional form of entry of 30 pupils in Reception.  These pupils will then move on to Wendover CE Junior School in 2019.  This expansion is subject to planning permission being granted.  The schools would expand over the seven years from 2016 to become four form entry schools. This expansion would be achieved by making improvements to the existing school buildings, building additional classrooms and ancillary spaces, improving access and parking to the school site.  All of this would allow the additional children to be successfully accommodated.

The expansion of both schools would provide them with a number of benefits and ensure the continuity of the highest standards of education:

  •  improved buildings and learning environment;
  •  improved facilities for key areas of the curriculum;
  •  larger peer group for pupils to socialise with and learn from;
  •  improved recruitment and staff development of leadership teams and other key staff;
  •  greater flexibility and efficiency in the deployment of staff and resources;
  •  greater financial resilience to changing circumstances eg pupil roll fluctuations;
  •  ensure that there are sufficient school places in the planning area to meet forecast demand from both migration and housing developments
  •  improved site access to improve safety for children


The co-operation and participation of all involved will maximise the success of any solution to address the current lack of provision for school places in the area. We would therefore welcome your feedback during this formal consultation phase.

We appreciate that this letter may raise questions for you and in order to address this we are holding two drop-in sessions at Wendover CE Junior School on Thursday 14 May.  This will provide us with an opportunity to share our ideas with you face to face, hear your views and answer any questions that you may have.  The drop-in sessions will take place at the following times 3:30pm-4:30pm and 6:00pm-8:00pm. They will take place in the school hall of Wendover CE Junior School. You will be able to put your questions on the proposed expansion of the schools and the build project to a range of people including Governors from both schools, both Headteachers, Officers from Buckinghamshire County Council and the Architects who will design the improved accommodation at both schools.

In addition to the meeting we are also holding a public consultation on the proposals and we would be grateful if you would complete the attached response form and return it by 5pm on Friday 26 June 2015. You can bring the form into school, post it to the County Council at the address shown on the form or email it to

We look forward to hearing your views and hope that you will respond to the consultation.

Yours sincerely
Sue Barnes Headteacher John Hampden

Gareth Mirams Headteacher Wendover CE Junior  

 Paul Phillips Chair of Governors John Hampden  

 Tony Fish Chair of Governors Wendover CE Junior  

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