Contact the Elderly in Wendover

  |  Published: Oct 23rd 2012

This month sees the launch of a local "Contact the Elderly" group, a registered national charity based on a simple concept that makes a big difference to the lives of the older, more isolated members of our community. Once a month a team of local volunteers regularly hosts a Sunday afternoon tea party for those who are less mobile and whose families are not close at hand.

"Contact the Elderly" offers an opportunity to spend a convivial afternoon together in the comfort of a volunteer's home, to meet local friends and to enjoy companionship in a personal and welcoming atmosphere. Volunteer drivers collect and deliver guests to the event.

Typically guests are over seventy-five years of age without easy access to transport and who are living on their own with only limited contact with their families. The Lee/Wendover group encompasses villages situated between Chesham and Wendover, and Great Missenden and Cholesbury - anywhere within a fifteen minute car ride of The Lee. Anyone who feels that a life could be enriched by becoming a regular guest of their local "Contact the Elderly" group should please refer that person to the coordinator, Anthea Hartley, who says "Having spent this last year volunteering with the Chesham branch of Contact the Elderly, I am so impressed with the enthusiasm of both its guests and its hosts that I have decided to start a local group in Wendover and surrounding villages. It develops friendships and enriches the lives of all who are involved."

Thanks to the generosity of guests at a local lady's "significant birthday" party recently, donations were very gratefully received ensuring that this project gets off to a flying start. Thanks also to those volunteers who have already signed-up to the team with their promises of help.

Local coordinator: Anthea Hartley tel: 01494 837372

Head Office tel: 020 7240 0630 or 0800 716 543.

Or visit: for more information.

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