Could You Volunteer to Reduce Loneliness?

  |  Published: Feb 21st 2015

5 million vulnerable adults state that TV is their main form of company…with your help, we can change this.


The Volunteer Hub is running a major campaign over the next month (March 2015) to recruit volunteers for local groups and clubs in Buckinghamshire who provide social activities for older and vulnerable adults.

There are some wonderful services in Bucks but some are running at full capacity - with your help, more volunteers can increase services and help reduce loneliness. 

Local groups and clubs need volunteers to help with lunches, fun activities, befriending, driving and more!


If you have a spare hour or two, would like to benefit others and join a friendly group, change your life and become a volunteer!

For information about volunteering opportunities in Bucks, please contact the Volunteer Hub on 0300 1111 250 or email to find you a suitable role.

The Volunteer Hub actively recruits volunteers for charities and groups in Buckinghamshire who support older and vulnerable adults as part of Buckinghamshire’s County Council’s Prevention Matters programme.

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