Deal with London council will save taxpayers £670,000

  |  Published: Apr 3rd 2017
Gill Quinton
Gill Quinton

Twenty human resources staff at Harrow London Borough Council transferred over to Buckinghamshire County Council on April 1 as part of an innovative project to share back office functions and save taxpayers' money.

The deal - the first of its kind between a county council and London borough – sees Buckinghamshire lead on HR and Harrow lead on legal services. 

It will save the two councils around £670,000 per year.

While at first glance the two authorities, which are controlled by different political parties, might not appear natural partners, Gill Quinton, Managing Director (Business Enterprise and Shared Services) at the County Council, said: “We are united by a mature, commercial approach to sharing services which ensures that essential – but hidden – back office functions offer the best value for taxpayers’ money.”

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