Defibrillators in central Wendover

  |  Published: Sep 15th 2014
entrance to Budgens Car Park
The green defibrillator is at the entrance to Budgens Car Park

As promised on the front page of the June edition of Wendover News, there are now two easily accessible defibrillators in central Wendover. A green one in the entrance to Budgens car park and a yellow one in the heritage phone box near the Clock Tower. If you have a smartphone, you can download the FREE app AED nearby and you will be able to locate the nearest available defibrillator wherever you are in the country. These defibrillators were installed on 13 August and they don't feature yet but Wendover News will let you know when they are on the app. Today, Monday 15 September, the heritage phone box was relabelled appropriately.

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