Making Wendover Dementia Friendly

  |  Published: Feb 1st 2017
Dementia Friends
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Do you  live with dementia?

More and more of us do nowadays.

A carer for a dementia sufferer?

More and more of us are nowadays. Many villages and towns are trying to make themselves Dementia Friendly, and Wendover is one of them.

Wendover Dementia Alliance comprises of many trained individuals and organisationsdedicated to making Wendover a dementia friendly community so that, as one person,with a diagnosis of this disease, put it, “I hope to live as well as possible for as long as possible.” His wish is to live at home supported by his wife and the community thereby retaining some independence. 

Watch out for information about the launch week, Monday 15 - Sunday 21 May and join in the workshops and events on offer. The programme of events is coordinated by the Dementia Alliance encompassing local community and voluntary groups, care and health professionals,businesses, Parish, District and County councils and most importantly people already living with dementia will seek to burst the myths surrounding dementia and demonstrate that people can live well with dementia within a supportive community environment. A stall has been booked at the Manor Waste Market on Thursday 18 May when many resources will be available. 

There will be plenty of information available about dementia during the week and going forward making sure that dementia and all associated issues remain high on the local agenda for years to come. The Library will be a source of constantly updated information and practical guidance.The Alliance intends to hold regular Dementia- Friends Information Sessions run by an increasing number of local ‘Dementia Champions’. A successful Dementia-Friendly Community is one where ultimately dementia is subsumed into every aspect of life. 

Sian Chattle the co-founder of Lindengate and founding Alliance member says, ‘As elsewhere, Wendover is experiencing a gradual increase in the population of older people and age related infirmity and diseases like dementia amongst residents will become increasingly commonplace. It will be a factor in all our lives and whilst we cannot stop it, one of our aims is to de-stigmatise dementia by talking about it openly. We want to encourage people not to be afraid to see their GP if they have concerns as the earlier the diagnosis the better the chances that the disease can be managed. Furthermore, we in the Alliance are calling upon everybody, young and old, to come together to make Wendover a place where those living with dementia, and those who care for them, can live safely, inclusively and well.

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