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This category contains articles about local government and administration and the issues which are their responsibility.

BCC Leader's response to Chancellor's Autumn Statement

  |  Published: Nov 23rd 2016
Martin Tett, Leader of Buckinghamshire County Council, today welcomed commitments from the Chancellor's Autumn Statement that, he said, would help stimulate Buckinghamshire's growth and economy.

Wood for sale!

  |  Published: Nov 22nd 2016
Wood and chippings for sale on Heron Path

Ash tree falls on Heron Path

  |  Published: Nov 18th 2016
A huge ash tree fell and blocked Heron Path on Thursday 17 November. Patrick Kernan and his team were there to clear away the massive amounts of debris on Friday 18 November.

Wither the Green Belt!

  |  Published: Nov 17th 2016
Chilterns would suffer permanent damage if massive Green Belt land grab goes ahead.
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