Demolition work in Aylesbury town centre begins in March

  |  Published: Feb 20th 2015

Buckinghamshire County Council is to begin work in early March to demolish part of the rear of the Old County Offices as well as the former police station in the centre of Aylesbury.

A demolition contract has been awarded to Northbank Demolition Company Ltd and the works are expected to last for 12 weeks.

The buildings include the former Thames Valley Police station and Superintendent’s house on Exchange Street – as well as the major part of the rear of the Old County Offices in Walton Street.

This project is the beginning of the regeneration scheme for the Waterside North area as part of the Masterplan being promoted by BCC together with Aylesbury Vale District Council.

A contract to construct an open air car park will follow soon after the demolition contract is completed. It is intended that the car park will open during the coming summer.

Martin Tett, Leader of the County Council, said: “The County Council is really committed to the regeneration of Aylesbury Town Centre. This development will enable the wider plan to go ahead bringing houses, restaurants, and a new public boulevard to the town.

“We welcomed the petition from campaigners wanting to save both the vacant police buildings and we respect their genuine concern to preserve Aylesbury’s heritage.  

"It has been a difficult decision. The County Council is already investing significantly in restoring historic buildings such as Old County Hall, Porter’s Lodge, Judges’ Lodgings and Old County Offices.

"In the end we have agreed to keep the police headquarters which is in a prominent position on the roundabout opposite the Waterside Theatre. We are interested in this becoming an upmarket restaurant as the petitioners suggested. We will however need to remove the old police station next door to give proper access to the new Waterside North area.”

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