A Doody of a Bake Off

Jane Reilly  |  Published: Nov 23rd 2016

Sergeant Natalie Doody held a charity cake sale this week in ACS to raise funds for a bike ride she is planning to do in February 2017, riding 450k from Vietnam to Cambodia to raise funds for Women’s Cancer, be it breast, cervical or ovarian. Natalie herself has personal experience of cancer and so wanted to do something for the charities and the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford that helped her.

A lot of cakes of a very high standard were submitted so it was a difficult choice for Station Warrant Officer (and chief taster) Jake Alpert to make. However he chose Chief Technician Georgina Morrells chocolate cake in first place, closely followed by Wendy Bradley’s chocolate brownies and third place went to Sgt Bary Whitelam’s aero cheesecake.  hampers

All were hotly contested by staff waiting to purchase some, but WO Alpert said: “Some delicious cakes and so very well done to all who submitted them but I chose the winning cake because it just had that little bit extra taste and chocolate flavour. I’ll do an extra hour in the gym this week!”

Natalie said: “The Bake Off was the last event for my fund raising and I would like to thank everyone that helped support me through my fundraising events, with the bake sale raising £170.48. A massive thank you to Sgt Louise Bolt who was kind enough to organise this event for me and if it wasn’t for the help I have received around Halton I wouldn’t have managed to achieve my goal. All money raised will go directly to the charities and I have paid the personal contribution for the trip myself.”

To visit Natalie’s Just Giving page go to:  Donate now

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