Double Success at RAF Halton

  |  Published: May 19th 2015
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Identical twins Colin and Charles Ihe from Chelmsford do everything together. They both attended university and both have the same degree in International Relations. They both joined the RAF on the same day and both completed recruit training at RAF Halton on the same graduation parade in the presence of reviewing officer, Air Vice-Marshal Lord Maxwell Beaverbrook.

Proud Dad, Gibson Ihe Senior flew in from Texas with elder brother, Gibson Ihe Junior, just for the graduation. Having chosen the same trade in the RAF, the twins will shortly begin their phase two training as Air Movements operators at RAF Brize Norton.

Colin said: “I am happy to be part of the Royal Air Force, an International organisation that is a force for good and protects the UK and allies. I was proud to graduate with my brother and my best moment in training was getting 100% in two tests.

Charles said he was: “Absolutely delighted to be joining the RAF, recognised as the best Air Force in the world with a reputation unmatched by any other country. I look forward to a prosperous and rewarding career demonstrating that the RAF doesn’t only use hard power but its soft power is as effective in resolving international crises in the world.”

The twins also designed an Arnold Flight Crest to be used at Graduation Parades and a T Shirt to be worn by their flight and future Arnold Flight trainees at Recruit Training Squadron.

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