Electoral Review of Aylesbury Vale - Draft Recommendations

  |  Published: Jan 22nd 2014

Having considered the representations received during the initial stages of the review, the Local Government Boundary Commission publishes its draft recommendations on the future electoral arrangements for Aylesbury Vale District Council. A copy of this report can be accessed via our website, at www.lgbce.org.uk. We have also arranged with AVDC officers for hard copies of the report to be sent to the Council.

An interactive map of the Commission's draft recommendations for Aylesbury Vale, electoral figures and guidance on how to propose new wards is available in the consultation area http://consultation.lgbce.org..uk. Here you can view the existing ward boundaries against the draft recommendations and have your say. Technical guidance can be found on the Policy and publications page of our website.

We have informed the national headquarters of the main political parties, MPs and MEPs with constituency interests in the area, all parish and town councils , and all people who responded to our initial consultations.

The Commission is now undertaking a period of consultation on its draft recommendations and is seeking the views of local people. It would be helpful if your Council could further publicise the Commission's draft recommendations by displaying  · the posters sent to your Council and taking such other steps as it considers appropriate to bring the review to the attention of the public and other interested parties.

We will send copies of all representations to you at the end of this consultation stage. I would be grateful if you would kindly make them available for public inspection on receipt. Copies of representations will also be posted on the Commission 's website, at www.lgbce.org.uk  and made available for inspection at the Commission's offices, by appointment.

Representations must be submitted to the Commission by 8 April 2014 . I should stress that the Commission has not finalised its conclusions and, in light of further evidence, may put forward final recommendations which differ from those set out in the draft recommendations. We therefore encourage all those who have a vjew to write to the Commission, whether they agree with its draft recommendations or not. It is very important that those who oppose the draft recommendations should suggest alternatives which are supported by evidence.

All representations received during the consultation period will be taken into account and the Commission will then consider whether or not to amend its draft recommendations.

When the final recommendations are published, copies will again be sent to your Council and the other stakeholders detailed above. Representations should be made through

http ://consultation .lgbce .org.uk , by email to reviews@lgbce.org .uk or in writing to this address:


Review Officer (Aylesbury Vale)

Local Government Boundary Commission for England Layden House

76-86 Turnmill Street London



Any respondents who submit comments during this period of the review, and do not want all·or any part of the response or name made public, must state this clearly in the response. Any such request should explain why confidentiality is necessary, but all information in responses may be subject to publication or disclosure as required by law (in particular under the Freedom of Information Act 2000). 

If you have any queries, please contact Nicholas Dunkeyson , on 020 7664 8528, or nicholas.dunkeyson@lgbce.org.uk.

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