Eco renovation takes centre stage at national open days

  |  Published: Aug 21st 2015
open day 12 sep

Pioneering owners of some of the UK’s most eco-friendly SuperHomes will host FREE Open Days during the weekend of 12th September. SuperHomes are older homes refurbished by their owners for greater comfort, lower bills and far fewer carbon emissions - at least 60% less! 

Visitors can expect to come away with plenty of ideas and useful insight into what works, the real benefits and how easy the projects are to implement and live with. They’ll also gain a better understanding of the home improvements now eligible for Green Deal finance. 

Most SuperHomes have superior insulation; many have alternative heating sources and some produce their own energy. Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian and post-war properties are amongst those open to the public.


There is a SuperHome near you!

The Kennedy family have lived in Marsworth, near Tring, for 28 years, and on the 12th September will be opening their doors to all those interested in seeing or learning more about ‘eco living'.  

To pre-book a place on a FREE tour, visit where you can also find out more about numerous different measures including insulation, solar solutions, rainwater harvesting, heat recovery ventilation and biomass heating. 

Entry is FREE and we promise you won’t be subjected to a sales pitch. This is your opportunity to talk to a family that have installed and lived with various eco measures over a number of years. Share their personal experiences and the challenges they overcame in cutting their carbon footprint by 92% - especially useful to those considering a future eco project of their own who are looking for some honest feedback. Happy to share their story with you, learn how the Kennedy’s researched funding options, tax implications and available grants, approached the planning, systems and product selection, as well as installation, commissioning and maintenance. Discover the true returns and rewards and their day to day experience (pros and cons) of more sustainable living – they will also share some snippets of information that eco sales persons might hold back!

For additional information about one of the Kennedy’s projects visit:

Take advantage of this opportunity – confirm your booking today! 

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