Ellie B

  |  Published: Nov 17th 2015
the author
Nigel Crawley, the author

Ex Wendover resident Nigel Crawley has just had his first novel, Ellie B, published.

Nigel was born in Wendover in 1965 and lived here for 25 years before moving to Wing and eventually Perth, Western Australia where he currently resides. He has happy memories of playing pool with his mates in the Two Brewers in the High Street and drinking at The Red Lion. His parents still live in Wendover. Some of his early ideas for the book came from standing at the monument on Coombe Hill looking out over the Aylesbury Vale, which he still describes as stunning.

Ellie B has been many years in the making and has been the realisation of a life long ambition for Nigel. Set in the fictional village of St Peter's Port in Cornwall it tells the story of Ellie B. Young, attractive and single, her life seems perfect. But things are not as they seem. Haunted by dreams, Ellie wrestles with a secret that could shatter her idyllic existence. The skeleton in her closet is about to be set free. 

The book is available in paperback and e-book formats via Amazon.

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