Exercise is for Life not just for January

  |  Published: Dec 20th 2012

Every January lots of people join a gym or go to exercise classes brimming with optimism and “Christmas pudding”, and only half of these resolutions will make it as far as March. So why is this? Mostly because people think we will lose weight if we go to the gym - yes and no! If your calories out exceed your calories in, then yes you are likely to lose weight, but unless you make these changes for good and not just for January you will spend a lifetime on the weight management roller coaster. Exercise is not just about losing weight; it reduces stress levels, improves posture, balance and agility and has too many health benefits to fit on this page. If you approach exercise as one component in life to overall improved well being, then you have a chance of making it work for you. Make exercise part of everyday life: Find something you enjoy. You are more likely to do it if you’re having a good time. Whatever you chose, if it’s a grind, and you don’t leave with a smile on your face, then it’s not for you, and you won’t keep it up. Make it social. Join a class of like-minded people. Work out with friends (including furry) for brisk walks. Get Sporty Was there a sport you enjoyed in the past, like netball, badminton, tennis or football? There are lots of options locally to get back to these sports again. Take it outside. Exercising in natural environments increases energy, improves mental wellbeing, reduces tension, and studies show participants in outdoor exercise are more likely to repeat the activity. Give yourself a goal. Enter an event, raise money for charity, have a target to work to, and reward yourself when you’ve achieved it. Plan it. You’re more likely to do it if you have planned it in. Don’t let exercise be the first thing that you give up when you are under time pressure. Treat it as a priority in your life, and the rest of life will feel much more achievable. Don’t overcommit. Be realistic: it’s better to over than under achieve. JPR fitness specializes in outdoor exercise. We hold regular fit2run outdoor fitness classes in our local parks. Or join us for one of our Nordic Walks in Wendover Woods and the surrounding countryside. Call Jackie on 07788568204, visit www.jprfitness.co.uk or for more information.

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