Father Christmas drops in early

Jane Reilly  |  Published: Dec 11th 2018

This year the Station Children’s Christmas party was run by our Airplay staff.  As the children arrived they were greeted by Santa’s elves who guided them to the party room, where the Disco was already in full swing.  Everyone danced and played games and soon it was time for some food, so everyone tucked into delicious party food, including chicken nuggets and chips, with puddings and free flowing juice.

When everyone had finished, fun was to be had with all the children joining in with Baby Shark and Bob the Builder sing along.  Suddenly Senior Elf,  better known as Padre Hall, suddenly appeared to tell everyone Santa had arrived. Elf had been very naughty and was caught laying down on the job on the stairs earlier on in the afternoon, it’s just such a busy time for elves!!

One of the organisers, Jan Holdsworth, said: “The children then all went to see Santa who bought them all an early Christmas Present and selection box, which I think went home empty… well it is Christmas. A huge thank you must go to the Officers’ Mess manager, Russell Riste and his staff who hosted us brilliantly, and their unwavering support in the lead up to and on the day itself.”

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