Flood inquiry aims to strengthen future response

  |  Published: May 29th 2015
Warren Whyte: encouraged residents to get involved
County Councillor Warren Whyte: encouraged residents to get involved

An inquiry into flooding in Buckinghamshire has been started by the County Council's Transport Environment and Localities Select Committee.

It will look at the lessons learned from the aftermath of the severe winter weather last year, to ensure strong and speedy responses by the Council and partners in the future.

?Several communities - from Denham and Marlow in the south of the county to Aylesbury in the north - were affected by surface water and overflowing rivers during early 2014.

Karen Fisher, Strategic Flood Management Team Leader, said preventive measures were already being explored. Indeed, a flood alleviation scheme for Marlow was already underway.

However, she said, the County Council needed to take account of increased development and the effect this has on drainage, rainfall patterns as a result of climate change, and cutbacks to resources in the public sector.

'We're hoping that the rigour of this inquiry will prepare us for a stronger co-ordinated response by agencies in future, and prepare residents and local councillors for dealing with this kind of emergency,' said Karen.

The inquiry will be held over two days: July 21 for evidence from County Council officers, and September 8 for residents, and partners such as the Environment Agency, district, town and parish councils, and utility companies.

Select Committee Chairman Warren Whyte said: 'This is a good opportunity for the community to be involved. I'd encourage any resident or residents' group, who experienced flooding during the winter of 2014, to contribute to this important process.'

The Select Committee will publish its report in the autumn.

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