Get your youngsters protected against flu this winter

  |  Published: Oct 7th 2015
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If you've got preschool children (age 2-4) or youngsters who've just started in Years 1 or 2, Bucks County Council's Public Health team want to remind you to keep them free of the flu this winter with the new free nasal spray immunisation. For pre-schoolers this is available from your GP surgery, and for Year 1 and 2 children it will be available through their school.

The hustle and bustle of school makes it an ideal place for the flu to spread, so it's best to be prepared. Not only is the flu a nasty illness for children themselves, but they bring it home, which can mean their siblings get it, and their parents too, with all the time off school and work that results. Worst of all, older or sick relatives might catch it, which can make them seriously unwell.

Martin Phillips, Buckinghamshire County Council's Cabinet Member for Community Engagement and Public Health said: "People often underestimate how unwell you can get with the flu, and for vulnerable people such as older relatives or family members with existing health problems there is a danger of serious complications. One of the best ways to stop flu taking hold in your community is to prevent it spreading through your school, so I'd ask parents to take advantage of this opportunity to get your youngsters immunised with the new nasal spray."

Leeanne, who's registered at the Poplar Grove GP Practice in Aylesbury, is a firm believer in the importance of getting her children immunised – she even volunteered to appear with her young son Mason in a film made by the Council's Public Health Team at her GP practice to show how important flu immunisation is for children, and how simple it is to have it done. "I just want to do the best for my family," she says, "and this really is an easy win. With the new nasal spray you don't even have to worry that they will be upset by the jab – it's really quick and pain free."

Click here to watch the film about the nasal spray immunisation featuring Leeanne on YouTube (full version).

Click here to see a shorter version on Facebook.

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