Football - a tool for good in Wendover

  |  Published: Jul 7th 2016
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Over the last 11 years good work has been done with a group of young people within our community. Work that can easily go unnoticed and unacknowledged and work that continues with other age groups.

On the afternoon of 18th June WJFC U18’s held their Presentation Day at The King & Queen pub in Wendover. This year this event was particularly significant and poignant as many of the boys (young men now) are hoping to go to university in the autumn, meaning this team will disband having played together for 11 years and won silverware for the first time this season.

Listening to the team captain give his report on the performance of each player before handing them their individual trophy, it became very clear what a strong and valued bond these young men have. However even more striking was the lessons they have learnt from their time together: commitment and dedication; sticking together when times are tough; the importance of self-belief; the meaning of teamwork; respect for each other and authority; valuing and encouraging others; the need to achieve a balance between one’s obligations and responsibilities and one’s desires and, of course, the glorious art of football.

I have deliberately avoided mentioning individuals, because this has been a real team effort. A team that goes beyond the players themselves but includes the manager and coaches, who have acted as role models for our young men; the match officials, some of whom we have agreed with-others we haven’t- but all of whom we have respected and the parents who over 11 years have chauffeured, laundered, cheered on, cheered up and warmed up their sons.

When so much is heard about the negative side of football, it is heart-warming that in Wendover it is being used by willing volunteers at grassroots level as a tool for good. In this team a band of brothers has been established. Individually these young men are going into the wider world with a strong foundation formed in Wendover. Thank you WJFC.

L. Janovskis

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