Ghosts of Bletchley Park - Podcast out now

  |  Published: Dec 16th 2014

Ghosts of Bletchley Park, the December 2014 edition of the Bletchley Park Podcast is out now on Audioboom’s Bletchley Park Channel and iTunes.


2014 has been a landmark year for Bletchley Park with the completion of phase one of the restoration, crowned by a visit from Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge. More recently, the release of the hit film about Alan Turing, The Imitation Game, has brought this amazing story to the attention of whole new swathes of people.


In this episode, we hear from Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays Alan Turing in the film, about how nerve wracking, special and even ghostly it was filming scenes at Bletchley Park.


We give you a peek into 2015 with a look at upcoming events and we take you behind the scenes at the Loebner Prize, the competition based on the Turing Test, which was held in the Mansion last month. And we hear from Veteran Kathleen Wing, an Intercept Operator from 1944 to 45, who caught up with roving podcast reporter, and Bletchley Park researcher, Kerry Howard, at the Veterans’ Reunion.

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