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  |  Published: Dec 5th 2018

We have been very lucky to be selected on to the Girls Active for a second year in a row. On the Tuesday 6 November 15 students and I were selected to attend a girl’s active festival at Stoke Mandeville Stadium. Whilst we were there we learnt different ways to encourage girls to take part in sport. The main aim of the day was to learn how to break down the barriers that girls have to partici-pating in sport and then take these ideas back to school.

During the event, we took part in many activities. The activities included football, hula hooping, rocketball, cheerleading, boxing and a spin class. We had an opportunity to take part in all activities in small groups.

Whilst these activities were taking place we also attended workshops - the topics of these workshops were; mental health and wellbeing, leadership and marketing. These three workshops were designed to teach us how we could motivate young girls.

At the end of the day all the students were given time to design some aims and objectives to imple-ment within our school. We also were able time to reflect on the programme last year and what we could do differently this year.

I really enjoyed this experience and I am really exciting to be apart of the GLAM squad this year (girls leadership and marketing). I can’t wait to take our ideas back to school and hopefully help other students.
Alys E 8ZA

3 girls
group photo
Images courtesy John Colet School
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