Halton host another successful Cool Aeronautics Event

Jane Reilly  |  Published: Dec 5th 2017

The latest Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) event was held at RAF Halton on 23 November by Cool Aeronautics. The event was hailed a huge success by Halton staff, school teachers and most importantly the 74 children who were involved. The children, accompanied by six staff, were visiting from Kingshill Combined School, Great Missenden and described the experience as ‘Inspirational.’

STEM events are active learning days aimed at teaching youngsters about the thrill of flight and the science alongside it. The goal is to inspire children and show them more about careers in Science, Maths, Engineering and Technology.

Activities began at the Airfield where children experienced sitting in a cockpit. They then moved onto learning about the theory of map reading which was led by the RAFA Club. Up at the Trenchard Museum the children got a chance to send Morse Code and the James McCudden Flight Heritage Centre gave them the chance to build and drive wooden cars. Finally they got to experience flying in the Chipmunk simulator.

The schools head teacher, Jennie Clements, followed up with an email to volunteer Bill McGrath who runs the STEM events. ‘We just wanted to let you know what a fabulous time was had by Little Kingshill on the recent trip to RAF Halton,’ she said.

One of our parents commented, 'It was a thrilling day! The children were completely engaged and at every activity I had to drag at least one child away who was desperate to continue!  Truly a day to remember.' 

Ms Clements signed off with some of the comments children had made about the day. ‘Cool and exciting.’ said one child. ‘I want to be an engineer now,’ said another.

The next STEM event is planned for 24 January to contribute to the teams goal of getting 1,000 school children through the event over this school year.

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