Halton Trainees complete Weston Turville Reservoir Community Project

  |  Published: Jul 13th 2015
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Ten airmen and women from RAF Halton have carried out a community project at the reservoir at Weston Turville over a four-day period.


The task involved laying down gravel on a track that would allow the local residents to walk around the lake. Armed with shovels, wheel barrows and mini dump trucks, they split up into small groups and took turns in shovelling and transporting the gravel and laying the path. The groups worked in three-hour shifts and in total a 600 metre path was completed in four days.


Corporal Corinne Bailey, who supervised the work, said: “It was a massive achievement and for the groups who completed the task it was a chance to get away from the base and give something back to the local community. Projects like these are really worthwhile and throughout their time local people would pass by and comment on the work. Overall, everyone enjoyed helping out and would certainly love to participate in other community projects in the future.”

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